Walnut Creek Opiate Abuse Detox Center

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1697 Amelia Street Suite F

Orangeburg County - Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115

At Walnut Creek Opiate Detox Center we provide safe and effective medically monitored detoxification for our patients recovering from opiate dependence. Our residential treatment program provides counseling, therapy, and group support after opiate detox is completed. Experience, compassion, support, guidance and understanding is what our medical and addiction treatment staff are able to offer our clients recovering from the use of opiates like Vicodin, Heroin, Oxycontin and other opiate drugs.

We realize the importance of addiction education, relapse prevention and the behavioral changes that need to take place when overcoming opiate use and dependence. We also understand sometimes there are underlying problems that need to be addressed, mental health issues that need to be diagnosed and treated, and relationships that need to heal. We provide a wide range of programs and therapies to help our clients recover from the psychological, emotional and physical effects opiate addiction causes in order for our patients to recover.

Programs and Services provided at Walnut Creek Opiate Detox Center

  1. Medically Monitored Detoxification
  2. Full Complete Assessments
  3. Follow-Up Assessments
  4. Individualized Treatment Programs
  5. Individual and Family Counseling
  6. Family Recreation Activities
  7. Individualized Behavioral Therapy
  8. Group Support
  9. Life Skills

There are more than just psychological and physical consequences associated with opiate abuse and addiction. Addiction affects families and relationships too. The most effective support a person recovering from opiate addiction can receive is from their family and loved ones. We help bring families and loved ones together in order to heal and strengthen communication. Opiate addiction is a disease that can be effectively treated with healthy support for long term success.

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