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It takes more than detoxification for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and more than willpower to overcome compulsive gambling in order to successfully achieve recovery and maintain success. Behaviors need to be modified and changed in order to successfully overcome addiction of any kind. Our licensed therapists are skilled in addiction and understand that in order to change unhelpful and destructive behaviors they have to be recognized and understood first.

We help people every day recovering from alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction understand and modify their unhealthy learned behaviors, habits and destructive thinking and achieve successful recovery. Therapy is individualized because even though people may share the same addiction they don't share the same problems that have led to addiction or fuel their addictions. We help our clients identify thoughts, feelings and circumstances that contribute to their addictive behaviors.

Through Cognitive Behavior Therapy our clients learn to identify and change behaviors and habits that are controlling their lives and destroying their well-being. Our clients learn positive skills to help them address stress and cope with challenges they face during their recovery that they will be able to maintain throughout their lives.

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