Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support

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We provide individual counseling for women suffering with food addiction and help them identify underlying problems that may contribute to their loss of control with food. Many times women suffer from depression, trauma or anxiety problems and medicate the symptoms with food. Quite often overeating and loss of control begins in childhood due to stress, abuse, family problems, or low self-esteem. We learn sometimes as a child that food makes us feel better and it becomes a habit we carry through into our adult life progressing as time goes on. We help our clients identify and understand their problem with food and help them develop positive ways to deal with stress instead of managing their emotions with food.

If you have a problem controlling how much you eat, consider yourself an emotional eater, and suffer from binge eating episodes the problem most often goes deeper than the food. Many times underlying problems during our life can contribute to over eating and emotional eating. Somerset is a support group for women and provides connections with others facing the same problems with food and loss of control.

Group support helps our clients connect with others who understand their problems with food and together they help each other make positive changes in their lives where food is concerned. Positive feedback is exchanged throughout the group and new members are able to benefit from the experiences of others. Changing unhealthy habits isn't always easy but with individual counseling, developing healthy skills to cope with stress and receiving the support of others who understand, healthy changes can be made and unhealthy habits can be broken.

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