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When a person becomes dependent on drugs like cocaine it's not easy to stop using on their own and they need help and support during this time. At Safe Haven Treatment Center we provide intensive outpatient care for individuals that are dependent on cocaine but are not chronically addicted. Chronic addiction to cocaine is treated much more effectively in a residential treatment setting. Our patients are fully evaluated upon entering our treatment center making sure our outpatient cocaine program can effectively meet their needs and help them recover.

Cocaine cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and intense for some people during detoxification. We provide our patients with medications during this time to reduce withdrawal symptoms and make sure our patients are comfortable during the detox process. Our patients are monitored at all times during detox and recovery because depression, restlessness, and agitation can make recovery challenging.

Cocaine use can be difficult for some people to overcome and treatment needs to focus on preventing relapse, understanding cocaine addiction and the serious long term consequences of use, and changing behaviors and destructive thought patterns. Individual behavioral therapy is a big part of our cocaine outpatient treatment program and providing intensive individualized therapy helps to prevent relapse and focus on recovery goals. There are many challenges that are faced during recovery and there are situations, thoughts, and circumstances that can make maintaining abstinence difficult. It's important that our patients modify their thoughts and behaviors and develop helpful skills that help them avoid situations that may trigger a relapse.

We encourage all of our patients to attend Cocaine Anonymous meetings daily to help them with recovery. It's important to connect with others who understand cocaine addiction and share many of the same challenges. Cocaine Anonymous offers positive group support, hope, encouragement, and strength and through the 12 steps, provides a guide for recovery.

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