Roseville Steroid Abuse Treatment Facility

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1407 Pineland Avenue Suite A

Florence County - Florence, South Carolina 29501

At Roseville Steroid Treatment Center we help men who are dependent on the use of steroids recover from the psychological and emotional problems that are associated with steroid use and dependence. Our clients are both athletes and non-athletes who have become dependent on steroids to improve their physical performance and enhance their physical appearance. Most of our clients suffer not only from steroid dependence but severe mood swings, irritability and depression and find it extremely difficult to stop using steroids on their own.

Our outpatient treatment facility provides medication therapy, counseling and behavior therapy for our clients helping them to recover from the use of anabolic steroids. Prolonged steroid use not only can lead to dependence but can cause insomnia, feelings of fatigue and restlessness. Many steroid users after prolonged use experience cravings when they're not using. We help men overcome their use of steroids and improve their health and well-being by providing knowledge, support, behavior therapy and coping skills to enhance their lives.

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