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Meth addiction is very serious and users find themselves dependent very quickly most of the time. Because of the intense cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms most people are reluctant to stop using crystal meth or other forms of methamphetamine. In order to prevent relapse during recovery, methamphetamine detoxification needs to take place to relieve the physical effects and symptoms meth use causes. Our physicians and staff provide our patients with medications to alleviate their meth withdrawal symptoms during detoxification keeping them safe and comfortable during this time.

In order for a person to successfully overcome their methamphetamine addiction when detox is completed, we help our clients find the most effective treatment program that fits their specific needs. Not everyone suffers from chronic meth addiction and is in need of residential long term treatment. For those that do, we help place them in an effective inpatient treatment program that provides assessments and comprehensive treatment and therapy to help them successfully recover.

Intensive outpatient treatment is very effective for clients with less intense addiction to meth. Methamphetamine addiction no matter how severe requires behavioral therapies, education, counseling and support for managing abstinence, coping with stress, preventing relapse, and promoting long term recovery.

At Rivergrove Meth Addiction Detox Center, providing safe and effective methamphetamine detoxification is just part of who we are. We help our patients find their next phase of treatment needed to heal the psychological and emotional effects of meth addiction as well.

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