Regional Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Richland County - Columbia, South Carolina 29223

We help our clients make changes in their life that makes a positive impact on their mental health and well-being. Many of our clients are dealing with emotional problems, behavioral problems or mental health issues that are affecting their happiness and quality of life. We help our clients improve their lives by helping them modify the way they think, react and behave.

Many of our clients suffer from major depression, anxiety disorder, anger problems, gambling addiction and drug or alcohol dependence. We help our clients understand their symptoms and behaviors, how they may have started, and identify thinking patterns, beliefs and behaviors associated with their substance use or mental health disorder. We have to identify the source of our behavior, thoughts and emotions before we can change them.

Regional Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an outpatient Behavioral Therapy center that helps young and older adult men and women make changes in their lives by changing unhealthy habits and behaviors, modify negative and unhelpful thinking patterns, and develop healthy and helpful solutions to improve their mental health, physical health and well-being. Being in control of our thoughts and behaviors makes a positive difference in our lives and it's much easier once you understand them.

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