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Alcoholism affects men and women in all age groups, economic backgrounds and destroys all areas of a person's life including their health and relationships. Today there are over 17 million adult men and women in the United States struggling with alcohol problems or alcoholism and many are in need of serious help. We understand this disease and understand how hard it can be to maintain sobriety without effective treatment and support. We have been helping adult men and women understand their problems with alcohol and maintain sobriety for over a decade.

We provide inpatient treatment, assessments, medication assisted detoxification, and 12 Step group support and education to help our client's remain sober and manage their recovery. Recovering from alcoholism is different for everyone in terms of time and we make sure our clients receive the counseling and therapy they may need to address underlying problems and issues. Our skilled staff of Physicians, Addiction Counselors and Therapists works with our clients daily making sure all mental health issues and emotional and physical problems are addressed.

12 Step group support helps our clients connect with others who face the same challenges associated with their problem drinking and move toward recovery applying 12 step principles in their daily lives. We encourage all of our clients to attend 12 step group support meetings from Alcoholics Anonymous when treatment is completed to help maintain sobriety and continue to heal.

Alcoholism affects the family and loved one's as much as the problem drinker. Relationships suffer when a person has a drinking problem and everyone needs to heal from this destructive disease. We encourage all of our client's loved ones to attend Al-Anon fellowship support meetings during and after their family member's recovery.

You too can find healing, maintain sobriety, and mend and heal relationships taking it one step at a time in our Longmount Residential Treatment Facility. With the will to remain sober, positive support and education, maintaining an emotionally healthy sobriety is achievable.

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