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At Bateman Addiction Facility we provide outpatient treatment for a wide range of behavioral addictions. Examples of behavioral addiction include compulsive gambling, food addiction, video game addiction, internet addiction and shopping addiction. Our clients are teens, young and older adults who suffer from one of the above behaviors and their addiction is having a negative effect on their life. We have been helping people understand their addiction and find effective ways to change their problem behaviors for over 15 years with positive success.

Because each behavior addiction is so different our clients receive individualized behavioral therapy to help manage their addiction. Food addiction is very widespread and affects the health and well-being of men and women who are unable to control their eating habits. There are many reasons a person may suffer from behavior addictions like eating disorders, gambling addictions, shopping addictions or other behavioral problems.

Behavioral addictions start out in the beginning as a rewarding experience and then for many people become compulsive behaviors. For example, food makes a person feel good and eventually we associate our feelings with food when we're stressed, sad, and angry or depressed because foods make us feel better. Not everyone becomes a compulsive overeater but many do. When a person suffers from a food addiction they're unable to control their eating habits and it affects them emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Gambling starts out as a very rewarding experience for most people but sometimes due to chasing losses or after experiencing wins an individual is unable to control their gambling behavior. Gambling addiction affects a person psychologically, emotionally, sometimes financially, destroys relationships, and for some people affects their career or academically for those in college.

The same is true with shopping addiction, internet addiction and video game addiction. These behaviors start out as rewarding behaviors and eventually get out of control. Many times there are underlying reasons for behavioral addictions and our team of therapists helps our clients identify underlying problems that may have led to their behavior addiction and find positive ways to manage them for their emotional and physical well-being.

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