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When gambling behavior is affecting your personal life, family life or interferes with your job or career it's time to seek help. Most often when a person has a gambling problem they're not aware their gambling behavior is affecting their life until problems arise and they try to stop. Most of the time, others are aware there's a problem before a compulsive gambler is because of their denial. There are many reasons gambling behavior can get out of control but most compulsive gamblers share the fact that they're unable to control their behavior and stop gambling on their own without help.

Many times problem gamblers end up in financial debt and lose their homes, and sometimes relationships due to their gambling addiction. Both men and women suffer from compulsive gambling and are in need of counseling and therapy to help them stop. We provide outpatient gambling counseling to help men and women understand their addiction and gain their life back.

We help our clients recognize thoughts and feelings that trigger their need to gamble, for example loneliness, depression or anxiety and help them find better ways to deal with them instead of gambling. We also provide counseling for the partner or spouse that's been affected by their loved ones compulsive gambling to help mend relationships and bring trust back into their lives.

Gamblers Anonymous is a wonderful group of men and women who want to stop gambling and share many of the same problems caused by gambling addiction. We encourage our clients to attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings as often as possible to strengthen and manage their recovery.

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