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The State of Drug Addiction, Treatment and Recovery in South Carolina

Each state in the nation battles different types of drug problems, this is just simply how it works. States that are located more closely to Mexico may see more marijuana and cocaine trafficking, for example. States with favorable growing conditions or lax laws may see more methamphetamine production or domestic marijuana production. Understanding the prevalence of substance use and abuse in the state of South Carolina is the first step to understanding the climate of addiction recovery and treatment in the state.

The Drug Climate in South Carolina

South Carolina is considered to be a transit state as well as an area of distribution for illicit drugs on the eastern coast of the United States. Most of the drugs that are transported into South Carolina are done so by way of private or commercial vehicles. Some drugs constitute a much lower threat in South Carolina, while other drugs have a much larger problem. For example, the threat of heroin use in South Carolina is relatively low, and its abuse and availability are typically concentrated to coastal regions and urban areas within the state. On the other hand, the problem of OxyContin abuse is very high and significant in the state, largely because its diversion is facilitated through mock legal means such as by pain management clinics and doctors.

  • Cocaine is the primary drug that is being abused in South Carolina, not only the typical form of cocaine but crack cocaine, the derivative base, as well. There are a number of different cocaine investigations and seizures that have been held throughout the state, and many have yielded multiple kilograms of cocaine.
  • Heroin is absolutely present in the state of South Carolina, but it has never been perceived as a significant threat within the state. Most of the people that are using heroin in the state are concentrated within the more urban areas and the coastal regions of the state and so there is not a great amount of distribution.
  • Methamphetamine, also known as meth, has become a significant threat within the state of South Carolina. Meth trafficking is becoming a very large deal, with Mexican immigrants, both those who are legal and those who are illegal, being the primary traffickers for the methamphetamine in the state. The methamphetamine threat is growing increasingly severe in the state and the number of meth labs in the state is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Marijuana is perceived to be the most prevalent of all the illegal drugs being used and abused in the state of South Carolina. The most common of all source locations is Mexico. Marijuana is brought into the state primarily through Mexico as well as other locations, and there is also some local cultivation of marijuana, but this is much smaller than usual because growing conditions have been unfavorable as of late.
  • In the past few years there has been in influx in the use and distribution of club drugs through the state of South Carolina, especially when it comes to Ecstasy. Traffickers are primarily operating around the state capitol within Columbia, and these traffickers are responsible for distributing a very large portion of the Ecstasy that is being sold in the state.

Statistics for Drug Use and Abuse in South Carolina

You can learn a lot when you look at the drug abuse statistics for a state, and South Carolina is no exception. For example, knowing that 31,558 people were abusing a substance in 2007 in the state of South Carolina, but that 12,694 of those people were only abusing alcohol can tell you a lot about the substance abuse climate in the state. 4,100 people were abusing alcohol along with a secondary drug, with 3,295 people abusing cocaine by smoking and 709 people abusing cocaine by other avenues. 4,726 people were abusing marijuana, compared to 409 for heroin and 164 for meth. Considering only 164 people were using meth that year, it may surprise you to know that there were 69 meth labs in the state alone that year.

If you are struggling with a substance abuse problem, you can nip it in the bud by reaching out to get help from a licensed drug addiction, treatment or recovery facility in the state of South Carolina. There is help out there if you are willing to admit that you have a drug problem and start to reach out for that help. Phone up a local rehabilitation facility today and get the help that you need.